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Herbal Formulas

To serve your individual dietary needs, Nutrition For Life Offers you the finest herbs and herbal blends, nutritional supplements used for centuries worldwide as natural alternatives.

The World's Oldest Known Health Formula

The axom "Good things come in small packages" proves especially true herbs. for hundreds of years, these aromatic plants have been used in countless ways. Throught history, one of the most important uses has been for health.

Herbal uses date back to the Sumerians in about 3000 B.C. Arround 100 A.D., the greek physician Dioscorides compiled the De Materia Medica, the first European treatise on the use of about 500 plants. Astonishingly, his volume remained in use as late at the 17th century.

The Benefits of Natural Ingredients

Many companies do not recognize meaningfull differences between synthesized preparations and natural substances. But traditional herbalists oppose the use of synthetics in lieu of natural alternatives, even when the characteristics of natural herbs can be chemically duplicated. The synthetics, they contend, lack many of the supplemental ingredients found in natural, whole herbs. Ingredients that can have significant benefits.

Carefully Blended and Prepared for You

Nutrition for Life Herbal formulas and Herbal Blends are formulated to serve your individual needs. Made from only the choicest natural organic herbs, harvested at peak potency, these herbal blends are precisely measured and then carefully processed into a convient tablet form.

Nutrition for Life tablets stay fresher and retain theri full potency far longer than herbs in bulk or tea bags. They are also easy to store and carry, and can be taken anywhere, anytime.

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