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Healthy Herbal Teas

Give your Mornings a nutritious start...try our HERBAL TEAS instead of coffee!

Try having a cup of Taheebo Herbal Tea or delicious Rooibos Herbal Tea instead of coffee to start your day. Rather than having a mid-afternoon lull because of too much caffeine in your system, or a jittery over-caffeinated, you'll find yourself "on an even keel" throughout the day.

Why Taheebo (Pau D'Arco), for example, contains a high percentage of easily assimilable iron. Iron is essential for the development of healthy red blood corpuscles, the oxygen carriers in the body. Sufficient oxygen is necessary to transform food into energy in the body. Caffeine, on the other hand, robs the body of iron as well as other nutrients. That's why the world's favorite "pick-me-up" beverage, our morning coffee, is often the same thing that, later in the day, may sap our energy.

So tomorrow morning try nature's wake-up beverages, Taheebo Tea or Rooibos Herbal Tea, instead of your usual fare.

Taheebo Herbal Tea Tablets
Also known as Pau D'Arco, tea made from the inner bark of the Taheebo tree has been enjoyed for centuries. The Indians of pre-Columbian South America endowed Taheebo tea with numerous health benefits. Each tablet contains 100 percent pure Brazilian taheebo Dry Extract, and is equal to one cup of tea. These tablets can taken as desired with fruit or juice.

Item 04031 (240 tablets) $27.00

Taheebo Herbal Extract
Item 04019 (2 fl. oz.) $12.80
Taheebo Herbal Tea Bags
Item 04020 (30 count) $10.80
Rooibos Herbal Tea
From the plains of South Africa comes this amazing blend, known the world over for it's delicious taste and versatility. Rooibos Herbal Tea contains nine essential minerals and trace elements. It contains no additives, no preservatives and no caffeine. Rooibos is soothing and, unlike most teas, eases digestion. This makes Rooibos Herbal Tea the perfect beverage for young and old alike! And it's great for cooking and baking, too!

Item 04036 (40 bags) $39.95

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