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Herbal Formulas

Garlic pic


High Potency Garlic Plus
It's the "one-a-day" garlic formula! A single 400mg. tablet of High Potency Garlic Plus will bring you all the healthful benefits of one entire clove (1200 mg. fresh garlic). Allicin is the active ingredient that is widely believed to be responsible for many of the beneficial health effects of garlic. Hand-peeled fresh garlic cloves are concentrated into an ivory-white powder, then immediately freeze-dried to guarantee the highest level of "Total Allicin Potential" (TAP) possible. High Potency Garlic Plus is enteric and film coated, to ensure maximum potency and freshness, and to allow absorption to occur in the small intestine rather than the stomach, where powerful digestive juices would destroy the allicin.
Item 04002 (30 tablets) $9.95
Garlic nutritionally supports the digestive system, making it extremely useful for good health Each capsule supplies 500 mg. garlic.

Item 04003 (90 tablets) $8.00

XL Herbal Energizer

XL Herbal Enegizer
For centuries, the Aztec Indians have used the herb Guarana as a natural energizer. World class athletes extol the virtues Octacosanol. Now Nutrition for Life brings these two energy factors together in a nutritional niacinamide supplement for active people. Many who use this product report a marked improvement in energy, yet XL Herbal Energizer is 97 percent caffeine free.

Item 04014 (60 Tablets) $11.50

XL Herbal Energizer Sample Cannister
Introduce your friends to the power of XL Herbal Energizer, or use these handy packets when away from home.

Item 04015 (60 Two-Tablet Packages) $29.00

Herbal Laxative
With this herbal formula from Nutrition for Life, the "friendly" intestional flora and bacteria are not destroyed along with the "bad". By working with the friendly flora, this unique blend of herbs, including Senna Leaf, Buckthorn Bark, Licorice Root and Alfalfa, creates a healthier environment in the colon.

Item 04016 (100 Tablets) $7.25

Bee Pollen Pic

The Earth's Most Perfect Food

Nutra/Gold Honeybee Pollen with Propolis
Nutrition for life offers you one of nature's most potent and complete foods. Honeybee Pollen with Propolis is gathered from a multiple of flora sources in the high desert regions of Arizona. Nutra/Gold contains 74 naturally associated trace element factors, which aid in the body to maintin its vital processes of oxidation, secretion, growth and regeneration. Nutri/gold has been developed as a natural supplement to help reduce the effects of everyday stress that may plague today's active professional. This Formula has 22 naturally associated nutrients, including amino acids and essential vitamins, important for health. Propolis is a rich source of minerals, Vitamins C and E, provitamin A and the B-complex.

Item 04017 (100 Tablets) $16.00

Bee Pollen
This wonderfull food is carefully gathered from thriving bee colonies. The pollen is then dried naturally and compressed into chewable tablets. Each tablet supplies 500 miligrams of pure Bee Pollen.

Item:04028 (100 Tablets) $8.00

HM-2000 Herbal Mineral Concentrate
This unique liquid concentrate offers complete herbal support for almost every major system of the body. A combination of over 40 herbs like Echinacea Augustifolia, Siberian Ginsing, Golden Seal and Gingko Bilboa, HM 2000 Herbal Mineral Concentrate is engineered for rapid assimilation. You'll get all the energy, all the support, these whole herbs can offer. Many of these herbs are endowed with tonic properties - that means that they can increase or decrease their effect on the body's systems as needed, never over-stimulating.

A wonderful daily addition to any diet, HM-2000 can be a great introduction to the power of herbal support to any dietary program. HM-2000 can be mixed with water, sparkling water or juice.

Item 04035 (8 fl. oz) $30.00

Milk Thistle
Item 04030 (60 capsules, 100mg ea.) $16.50

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