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Call us at 1-206-473-9067 or E-Mail us with your Name, Address, Phone Number and a short note at to get a free information about the Trudea Marketing Group (part of Nutrition For Life)! This is a limited time offer, so hurry and call or E-mail us! (note, you must include a phone number with your E-mail to take advantage of this.)

The Trudeau Marketing Group, is a Brand New Multi Level Marketing Opportunity. It combines the excellent products of Nutrition For Life with the backing and know-how of Kevin Trudeau!

Imagine getting in at the beginning of Mary Kay, Avon, or Amway. Now you have the chance, act NOW and don't miss it!

Kevin Trudeau + Television + Network Marketing = A Truly Powerful Combination!

Network Marketing is one of the easiest ways to have your own business:

No Boss - No Employees - No Inventory - No Overhead - No Timeclock.

You can enjoy all of those benefits by becoming a Distributor in the Trudeau Marketing Group - Network Marketing at it's best!

Sponsoring Bonuses
Monthly Bonuses
Car Payment Bonus Opportunity
Consumable products for repeat business
Existing Infrastructure
Experienced Management
Strong Financial Backing
The Power of Television for recruiting
Forced Downward Spillover!

The Trudeau Marketing Group

The Trudeau Marketing Group is a new Network Marketing Opportunity established on April 1, 1995 by Kevin Trudeau (Mr. Mega Memory) who is a leader in the infomercial industry and a multimillionaire through his efforts in direct sales and network marketing. He has joined forces with a 13-year-old publicly-traded company called Nutrition for Life and Nightingale-Conant, a leader in the personal development industry for 33 years.

Why Join The Trudeau Marketing Group?

Through Mr. Trudeau's continued associations with the Network Marketing Industry he realized he could enhance the opportunity by addressing many of the common pitfalls occurring in Network Marketing today.

Mr. Trudeau's research has uncovered the following reasons why most Network Marketing Program's fail:

85% of people in Network Marketing never sponsor a single person
Only 50% actually purchase products.

Mr. Trudeau has determined that by eliminating these problems attrition would be greatly reduced, thereby ensuring solid growth.

Sponsor No One And Still Be Qualified For Bonuses.

Unlike other Network Marketing Companys, it is NOT a requirement to sponsor anyone to qualify for bonuses on the downline. Those who secure a position now will have an excellent chance of having people placed automatically under them due to the spill factor of a 4x7 matrix.

Earn $225 to $335 For Each Person You Sponsor!

That's right! With the Trudeau Marketing Group you can earn an average of $300 for each and every person you sponsor with NO LIMIT on the number of persons you may sponsor. The first 4 persons you sponsor go into your first level, everyone after that will spill over into your downline. You receive the sign-up bonus plus monthly bonus for each person that you sponsor, your downline quickly builds and generates monthly bonuses on purchases.

Using the Forced Matrix System forces downward spillover each time that any given matrix level is full. The empty spots are first filled working from left to right and then downward. Anyone that is sponsored by you automatically is put into your downline even if there are empty spaces above you.



Mr. Trudeau has scheduled a massive advertising campaign utilizing the following advertising mediums:

Television infomercials.(Mr. Trudeau has sold more than 3 million Mega Memory Systems!)

Radio Spots.

Major Newspaper Advertising.

Magazine Advertisements.

National Seminars, Meetings, Conference Calls And Conventions.

Hot Lead Program

Trudeau Marketng Group runs ads on radio, TV, and/or print telling people about the Trudeau Marketing Group Multi-level Marketing opportunity. Interested individuals call our 800 numbers and request free information. Then you may buy these leads. If you sponsor 10% of the leads purchased who become instant executives, you easily cover all your costs, PLUS increase the size of your downline.

With all this advertising beginning to roll out, you'll get the following benefits:

1. Spill From Other People's Leads:
If anyone in your upline buys Hot Leads and sponsors a lot of people from the advertising, some of the new distributors could spill into you downline.

2. Your Own Hot Leads:
You can buy your own Hot Leads and sponsor as many people as you want each and every month. This is an unprecedented opportunity in MLM.

3. Intangible Benefits:
The wide exposure will create a surplus of benefits in the form of credibility and name recognition. When you approach a prospect about the Trudeau Marketing Group, the odds are they will have heard about it through advertising already. This makes your sponsoring efforts easier.


Circulars and flyers
Audio cassettes
Voicemail tapes


Any questions or problems will be immediately addressed through your sponsor, others in the upline, and the Trudeau Marketing Group.

Leverage is the Key to the success of the Trudeau Marketing Group.

Distributors' Monthly Income Potential

Each person in TMG can only have four people under their first level. Once you have 4 peope under you, the next person you or someone above you sponsors goes on your second level - under someone you sponsored. Thus, you may be in TMG and sponsor no one, but still have people put in your downline. This keeps people in the Group and keeps them buying products.

Monthly Product Purchases

Everyone in TMG has agreed to purchase products every month thereby ensuring that monthly bonuses will be paid.

There is an initial investment of $1035 which includes a $35 Distributor Success Kit and $1000 for an assortment of products valued at over $1300. A monthly purchase is required which consists of $100 worth of products (your choice) and $36 worth of sales and motivational materials.


It sounds like a lot of money, which it is, to join an MLM venture when so many others are priced much more reasonably; however, what MLM will pay you a $300 commission plus monthly bonuses to sign up just one distributor? It certainly is motivation for you to sign up others. If you just sign up four people, you get your initial investment back and qualify through the 7th level. In addition, there are yearly bonuses and sales incentive plans in effect which could add more to your income. Additionally, even if you don't sponsor anyone personally, you can still make money!

How Do I Sign Up As A Distributor?

Call Us At (210) 704-5896 or E-Mail us at We will then send you an application to take advantage of this Exciting Opportunity! Or click here to print one out!
Please include your phone number and address so that we may contact you.

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