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Food & Weight Management

The second vital ingredient in your program of better health should be a balanced diet, rich in natural goodness.
Sounds easy, but it's hard to achieve with the fast pace of life and the popularity of processed foods. Nutrition-Net makes balanced nutrition easy and delicious with high-protein pastas, scrumptious soup blends, whole grains, baking mixes and more. And you will love the great taste of our smart weight-management products.

Weight Management Items, Nutri-Cookies, The Thin Pen and more...
Pastas, Soup Mixes and Flour Items
Food Wafers, Nutri-Fiber, Oat Bran Wafers

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Teaching Your Family To Be "Food Smart"

"You are what you eat" If we took that old adage at face value, what would you be? What would your children be?

Today's hectic schedules prevent many of us from taking the time to pratice proper nutrition in our diets. But for peak mental and physical performance, you need a healthy intake of water, protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Without proper absorption of these, body tissues may start functioning at reduced levels of activity and at lower efficiency. Tissues can no longer repair themselves as quickly or completely, making them prone to various conditions of ill health.

Comprehensive Dietary Management Is Key

Dietary Management is more than watching the foods you put in your mouth; it's also knowing what is put in your foods. For example, white flour lacks 60% of its original calcium, 71% of phosphorous, 75% of iron, 67% of copper and 85% of manganese. The loss of flour's original vitamins is equally great! Our processed diets may be leaving out many essential nutrients necessary to physical and mental well-being. "You are what you eat, digest and absorb."

Planning a healthy, well-balanced diet rich in essential nutrients used to be a difficult, time-consuming task. But now, Nutrition For Life makes it easier and wonderfully delicious - with pastas, soup mixes, flour, baking mixes, as well as beverages and special products for weight management.

And best of all, Nurtrition For Life food and weight management and nutritional supplements are free of chemical preservative. They are carefully prepared to taste great, and scientifically formulated to help you eat better and smarter. With Nutrition For Life food and weight management products and our vitamin and mineral supplements, you help your body to help itself by providing a balanced daily intake of essential nutrients.

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