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Shark Cartilage

REQUIN 3 Shark Cartilage, is simply the best!

Shark Cartilage products are NOT Alike!

Can Shark Cartilage Cure Cancer? How about Arthritis?

You can't pick up a newspaper or magazine today without finding an article on the current research being done on shark cartilage. This remarkable food supplement has taken the world by storm. In 1995, the experts for the prestigious National Institute of Health recommended that evaluations begin without delay on the use of the shark cartilage.

The Shark Cartilage Story

Sharks are among the earth's oldest creatures. They first appeared near the creation of earth - they pre-date dinosaurs by 125 many of thousands of years. Why have sharks lasted so long? They are uniquely suited for their underwater habitat and they have an incredible resistance to changes in the environment.

The shark is one of the toughest creatures in the sea. In many areas of the world, they thrive in highly polluted waters, displaying remarkable longevity. Why is this? The shark's ability to maintain good healths seems to stem from an amazing web of macro protein fibers contained within it's skeletal structure, composed purely of cartilage.

Among these macroproteins are a family carbohydrates called mucopolysaccharides, specialized carbohydrates that form chemical bonds with water to help nutritionally support immune system health. Research has demonstrated that shark cartilage has nearly 1000 times more of these mucopolysaccharides than any other type of cartilage. This substance is thought to work synergistically with the other properties to extend their nutritional benefits. And shark cartilage is considered to be an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus.

This remarkable food supplement has taken the world by storm; but with literally a "sea" of cartilage products to choose from, how can you be assured you and your family are taking the highest quality product?

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Why Choose Requin 3

Shark cartlage is largely composed of three basic compounds: Macroproteins, mucopolysaccharides and ash. Requin 3 is processed under cold conditions, which protects the bio-activity of the key elements of the cartilage. Requin 3 Shark Cartilage is extracted by using a carefully developed proprietary process to yield whole shark cartilage. It's the purest, most concentrated form of shark cartilage available.

You get more of what you purchase shark cartilage for; in fact, because of our special proprietary process, Requin 3 is more potent than any other cartilage supplement on the market today. Three capsules contain a full 2250 milligrams of pure shark cartilage.

Nutrition For Life offers three of the most potent forms of shark cartilage on the market today. You can purchase a cheaper shark cartilage, but you can't buy a better one!

Requin 3
Requin 3 Whole Shark Cartilage provides a natural source of the essential nutrients protein, clacium, phosphorus and zinc. Three capsules contain 2250 mg. shark cartilage, extracted with a carefully developed proprietary process that yields whole shark cartilage. Requin 3 the most concentrated form of shark cartilage on the market today.

Item 06019 (90 capsules) $ 46.95

Item 06030 (300 capsules) $108.00

Tramane liquid is mixed with water for temporary relief from symptoms of minor Illnesses, such as colds and influenza, to promote healing during and following minor illinesses, and following injuries. Use 10 drops in water three times daily as a preventive measure.

Item 05016 (2 fl. oz.) $24.95

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Requin Creme
Requin Creme is a multi-purpose creme that supplements your skin with natural shark liver oil and shark cartilage, supplying the natural building blocks for good skin care and maintenance.

Item 06023 (2 oz.) $24.95

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