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Power Play

Power Play:

For Maximum Athletic Performance

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Do you remember how it felt to be sixteen years old? The energy, the muscle tone, the smoothness of your skin? How does it feel now? Was it easier to keep your weight in check when you were younger?
What you are feeling may be the natural depletion of a substance called growth hormone, or GH.

Growth hormone is now one of the hottest subjects of study within the scientific community. Why is every one interested in growth hormone? For athletes, stimulation of GH is becoming the current biochemically accepted method in reducing excess body fat without sacrificing lean muscle mass or strenghth. Even non athletes are paying particular attention to GH. Reversing the natural depletion of GH that comes with age can also reverse in part the decrease of lean body mass, the expansion of adipose tissue mass, and the thinning of the skin that occurs in old age.

Power Play is the ultimate growth hormone release formulation for stimulating muscle growth while reducing body fat. Power Play is a unique low glycemic, L-Argenine formula developed over a fifteen year period that contains the precise synergists required to allow for arginine-transport across the blood-brain barrier. This results in the most efficacious release of growth hormone ever seen in a GH product.

Some of the most famous athletes in the world took part in the testing phase of Power Play including the current Mr. Universe and 1995 Pan American Games Gold Medal Winner Ron Coleman. Intensive scientific research resulted in the current patent pending status which the Power Play formulation has held for the last four years.

How Does Power Play Work?

The human body is similar to a computer. Power Play acts like a computer chip. The Power Play computer chip enters the body and programs it to respond.

What is the Body's Response?

Intense training
+ Biochemical Response to Power Play

= Release of natural growth hormone

Release of growth hormone
+ Food(protein, Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Minerals)


How Much L-Arginine do I have to take to get a GH response?

In males, GH response requires 10-12 grams of L-Arginine and in females, 8-10 grams. Taking less than these doses will not result in GH release. If there are antagonist in the formula, blood stream or gut, GH release will not take place. If the synergists that allow L-Arginine to cross the blood-brain barrier are not present in a formula, GH release will not take place. If a GH formula has not been designed to remove long term side effects, it can be dangerous to attempt to elicit GH. Timing is also essential. Power Play, or any other GH formula, must reach the blood-brain barrier at precisely the correct time, which is in Delta sleep and one hour prior to intense exercise.

This means that Power Play is amazingly easy to use: mix Power Play with water (and ice if desired). Take Power Play on an empty stomach, before bedtime or one hour before strenuous workout.

Power Play
Item 06040 (15.45 oz 438g) $67.00

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