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Nutri-Flow Filtration Systems

Made of a specially processed alloy, our patented KDF filtering media utilizes electrochemical oxidation reduction to chemically change harmful chlorine to harmless chloride, neutralizing it before it passes through the Nurti-Flow carbon filter. This results in clean, sparkling water, for less than 2 cents per gallon! Each unit described comes has it's own replacement cartridge. Please read further for details.

HL-250 Counter Top Unit
Sits on Counter, 20,000 gallon capacity, 4-1/2" x 10-1/2"

Item 12010 $179.00

HL-300 Under Counter Unit
Includes third faucet, 20,000 gallon capacity, 4-1/2" x 10-1/2"

Item 12011 $189.00

HL-250 Conversion Kit Counter Top-to-Under Counter Unit
Item 15104 $25.00
Replacement KDF Cartridge
For HL-250 and HL-300 units.

Item 12055 $75.00

Nutri-Flow De-Chlorinating Shower Filter

Nutri-Flow De-Chlorinating Shower Filter
Many authorities feel that we take in as much chlorine from our daily showers as we do from the wate we drink. It seems no wiser to expose our skin to chlorine than it does to drink it. While chlorine is important for killing water-borne bacteria, it can play havoc with our skin and hair by bonding with the protein of our bodies. Chlorine makes hair brittle and dry, and can make sensitive skin flaky and itchy. The Nutri-Flow filter offers freedom from the negative effects of chlorine showers.

Item 12014 $79.00

nutra-sip pic

The Portable Water Filter!

Nutri-Sip Drinking Straw
Item 12012 $13.95
Nuti-Sip Replacement Filters
A two-part replaceable filter - one KDF and the other granulated activated charcoal - will enable your Nutri-Sip Straw to work for years. Just use your Nutri-Sip whenever you want cleaner, odor-free water. When the straw becomes difficult to draw through, replace the filters.

Item 12017 $9.45

In-Line Filter For Ice Makers
Item 12013 $29.00
"Beauty Parlor Rinse Kit"
No more dry, brittle hair! By neutralizing the chlorine present, our Nutri-Flow system will leave your hair cleaner, more manageable with less shampoo and conditioner. And since it helps conserve water, it's great for commercial use.

Item 12016 $79.00

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