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Masterpiece Beverages

Masterpiece Thermogenic Beverages Engineered to Energize!

Masterpiece Coffees

Masterpiece Coffee pic

Masterpiece Coffee is not just another cup of coffee, it is a satisfying, energy enhancing experience! This all natural thermogenic coffee is a unique combination of future science and nature.

Regular coffee causes blood sugar swings with attendant low blood sugar and strong food cravings-like for donuts! Thermogenic coffee contains low glycemic carbohydrates which help balance blood sugar while providing long term energy. Regular coffee frequently causes "coffee-jitters". Masterpiece coffee has removed the "jitters" from the equation while leaving beneficial energy enhancement intact.

Masterpiece Coffee / French Vanilla
Items 07030 $32.95

Distributor cost for Masterpiece Coffees is only $24.95! See our Business Opportunities Page for details!

Masterpiece Tea With Lemon

Diet induced-thermogenesis is one of the dominant pathways used by the body to eliminate excess calories. Masterpiece Tea contains the most potent, scientifically proven thermogenic agents available without a prescription. It's the perfect guiltless quencher!

High fat, high glycemic (fat-stimulating) foods are one of the culprits responsible for excess weight gain. The high glycemic properites found in other "diet teas" not only increase the urge for sweets, they stimulate the pancreas ot secrete 300% more insulin than thermogenic tea. By drinking high glycemic drinks like othe "diet drinks," you are literally perpetuating a vicious cycle - you want more sweets to keep your blood sugar up! Masterpiece Tea breaks the cycle; it is a low glycemic beverage. You feel satisfied, energized, without resorting to surgary snacks to help your body get through it's need for energy!

Masterpiece Tea pic

The roles of the carefully selected ingredients in thermogenic tea are clearly defined in scientific literature as effective in terms of thermogensis, energy enhancement, blood sugar balance, and appetite satisfaction. Masterpiece Tea has been scientifically designed to give your body what it needs naturally, without artificial colors or preservative.

Instead of reaching for a sugary drink and a sweet, have a glass of Masterpiece tea and experience balanced energy. For maximum benefit, enjoy this tea 30 minutes prior to meals.

Masterpiece Tea with Lemon
Items 07032 $52.95

Distributor cost for Masterpiece Tea is only $39.95! See our Business Opportunities Page for details!

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