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Special Formulas

Twenty-eight Distinct formulas. One is perfect for you!

HR-110 "Exhaustion"

HR-111 "Eye"

HR-110, These tablets are formulated for temporary relief of exhaustion, fatigue and weakness due to lack of sleep, overwork, active lifestyles, travel, or during and following periods of illness such as colds and influenza.
Item 05029 (110 tablets) $ 12.95
HR-111, may be useful in seeking temporary relief of minor eye irritations, such as sensitivity, redness, swelling and watering or inflammation due to allergies, colds, flu, smoke and eye strain. Sensitivity to light associated with general eye irritations may also be aided by taking this product.
Item 05030 (110 tablets) $12.95

HR-112 "Feminine"

HR-113 Fever/Inflammation"

HR-112, is formulated to aid in the temporary relief of minor feminine irregularity, early or suppressed menses. May alleviate back pain, cramps, hot flashes, irritability, distress, and related symptoms of PMS and menopause.
Item 05031 (110 tablets) $ 12.95
HR-113, tablets are used for temporary relief of fever and inflammation accompanying minor flu, colds, rheumatism, localized inflammations with swelling and redness and other ailments.
Item 05033 (110 tablets) $12.95

HR-114 "Flu/Cold"

HR-115 "Hair and Skin"

HR-114, This distinctive formula is used for temporary relief of symptoms due to flu, colds, headache, body aches, chills, fever, nausea, and intestinal flu, and their accompanying exhaustion and fatigue. HR-114 may be used to treat respiratory symptoms of cattarh, coryza, cough, and sneezing.
Item 05005 (110 tablets) $ 10.80
HR-115, helps in temporary relief of minor skin irritations; promotes healthier skin, hair and nails; for dry, scaly, rough skin and scalp, dandruff, and the itching associated with these symptoms; for dry hair, split ends, and brittle, easily broken nails. May assist with certain skin conditions following injuries.
Item 05006 (110 tablets) $12.95

HR-116 "Hemorrhoid"

HR-117 "Indigestion"

HR-116, This formulation is useful in the temporary treatment of hemorrhoids accompanied by burning, itching, soreness, inflammation, and swelling of hemorrhoidal tissues. It may also ease the minor constipation or diarrhea which may accompany hemorrhoids.
Item 05034 (110 tablets) $ 12.95
HR-117, This natural formula is for the temporary relief of common indigestion, heartburn, and hiccoughs or vomiting accompanying stomach upsets. Stomach discomfort, nausea and gas due to minor stomach upsets and accompanying colds and flu may also be alleviated with this product.
Item 05020 (110 tablets) $12.95

HR-118 "Infection"

HR-118, is used for temporary relief of the symptoms from infection due to abscesses, boils and tooth infections.
Item 05035 (110 tablets) $ 12.95

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