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Homeopathics & Special Formulas

Special Formulas

Twenty-eight Distinct formulas. One is perfect for you!

HR-101 "Alertness"

HR-102 "Allergy/Sinus"

HR-101, This natural remedy is used for temporary relief of minor depression and mental stress: for temporary relief from fatigue caused by mental or physical overwork and headache, and after the overuse of alcohol or nicotine; indicated for temporary absent-mindedness, memory lapse, confusion, and forgetfulness.
Item 05025 (110 tablets) $ 12.95
HR-102 is formulated to aid in the temporary relief of minor allergic symptons and hay fever, sinus congestion, runny nose, scratchy throat, headache, sneezing associated with colds, allergies, hay fever, influenza, symptons of redness, rashes and itching due to food or skin allergies, insect bites, poison ivy and poison oak.
Item 05001 (110 tablets) $12.95

HR-103 "Arthritis"

HR-104 "Asthma"

HR-103, This homeopathic formula is used for temporary relief of pain and inflamation due to arthritis, rheumatism and gout - including stiffness of joints and muscles, swelling, and redness with worsening symptoms in cold and wet weather. It may also be used to treat the inflammations that occur prior to the onset of minor ills, flu, and colds.
Item 05017 (110 tablets) $ 12.95
HR-104, may be taken for temporary relief of asthmatic symptoms, such as congestion, difficult breathing, tight or constricted chest pain, and symptoms of asthma stimulated by allergies and pain.
Item 05026 (110 tablets) $12.95

HR-105 "Bleeding"

HR-106 "Bronchitis"

HR-105, is formulated to aid in the control of minor cases of bleeding in the administration of first aid and in conjunction with other first aid measures. Nosebleeds and bleeding associated with minor injuries, abrasions, cuts and tooth extractions may be treated with this product.
Item 05027 (110 tablets) $ 12.95
HR-106 may be used for temporary relief of congestion, difficult breathing, scratchy throat and coughs that accompany bronchitis and colds, coughs deep in the chest, and smoker's cough. It may be used for additional ease of breathing difficulties and tightness in the chest due to asthma.
Item 05028 (110 tablets) $12.95

HR-107 "Constipation"

HR-108 "Diarrhea"

HR-107, may be taken for temporary relief of minor recurrent constipation. This condition is usually a result of improper diet or physical inactivity and may be corrected by the addition of fruits, bran and vegetables to the diet. However, when constipation becomes a problem, this product may be used for natural and gentle relief.
Item 05018 (110 tablets) $ 12.95
HR-108 This formulation offers temporary relief of common diarrhea in adults and children, and diarrhea caused by travel, over-indulgence in foods and changes in routine. This natural homeopathic remedy does not interfere with the ability of the intestines to absorb needed vitamins and nutrients.
Item 05019 (110 tablets) $12.95

HR-109 "Enzyme"

HR-109, helps promote better energy utilization.
Item 05003 (110 tablets) $ 12.95

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