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Fred Van Liew's Essential Water & Air

It's the perfect solution for high quality drinking water! These filters are the finest filters on the market today - your premium source of clean filtered water for drinking and cooking.

The Power behind the combination of reverse osmosis and carbon block filter that effectively reduces dissolved solids such as fluoride, salts, metals, bacteria and viruses typically found in tap water. With performance beyond any filter system, the Essential SQC4 gives you up to 20 gallons per day of the cleanest, freshest water available, for a difference you will taste!

Essential SQC4 Counter Top RO
Turn your regular tap water into a spring of clean, good tasting drinking water by Reverse Osmosis. This slender, compact design complements any kitchen. At last, great tasting, high quality water at your fingertips. Clean, smooth design for good looks and easy cleaning; non-skid rubber feet. And it's backed by a 3 year pro-rated repair or replacement guarantee. Reservoir capacity two gallons (Max. 20 gallons per day) 14"H x 8"D x 16"W.

Item 12025 $499.00 (remember, up to 15% off when you order toll free!)

Essential SQC4 UnderCounter RO
The world's finest water filter, with undercounter convenience. The SQC4 comfortably fits around disposal units and has an advanced automatic shutoff for peak efficiency and water conservation. The High Flow Deliver Line & Long Reach Faucet fill containers faster and easier. Lead-free connections with 100% corrosion proof design. All NSF and FDA compliant materials. And sealed cartridges change easily in seconds!

Item 12035 $799.99 (remember, up to 15% off when you order toll free!)

Your new RO Appliance uses a proven combination of the most effective water treatment technologies known. It provides the water quality you and your family deserve...water that fits your health conscious lifestyle.

The Essential Travel & Apartment Portable Reverse Osmosis Filter
Portable pure water! This incredibly effective filter can produce 35 gallons per day. Also great for apartments, mobile homes, and anyplace room is at a premium.

Item 12040 $299.00 (remember, up to 15% off when you order toll free!)

The Essential Shower Filter
While chlorine is important for killing water-borne bacteria, it can play havoc with our skin and hair by bonding with the protein of our bodies. Chlorine makes hair brittle and dry, and can make sensitive skin flaky and itchy. The Essential Shower Filter's unique triple filtration system reduces your water's chlorine content, as well as concentrations of other common contaminants. Maintains the flow at 3 gallons per minute to allow proper filtration with little change in water pressure.

Item 12018 $119.95


Replacement Filters

Essential RO Replacement Sediment Pre-Filter
Item 12046 $29.00
Essential RO Replacement Carbon Pre-Post
Item 12047 $29.00
Essential RO Replacement Block Carbon Post
Item 12048 $29.00
Essential RO Replacement Filter Pack, (1 item each 12046, 12047, 12048)
Item 12045 $87.00
Essential RO Travel & Apartment Pre-Filter
Item 12042 $26.00
Essential RO Travel & Apartment Post-Filter
Item 12043 $22.00
Essential RO Travel & Apartment Replacement Pack, (1 each 12042 & 12043)
Item 12041 $48.00
Essential RO Membrane Module, Countertop
Item 12039 $165.00
Essential RO Membrane Module, Undercounter
Item 12049 $165.00

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