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Self Improvement

Program Yourself For Success!

Now you can make your dreams a reality and become all you want to be. Target your inner self with Nutrition For Life's valuable resource programs.

Our self-improvement tools unlock the powers of the mind. You can commit to making a personal difference by equipping yourself to achieve your goals and attain the success you deserve.

Get Street Smart!

Survival skills in the truest sense of the word! In these incredible videos, world-renowned Shaolin Kung Fu Master Tsai teaches you how to change "victim thinking" into "protective thinking." He's taught Olympic Gold medalist, world class athletes, and law enforcement officials from many nations the art of self defense. Now you can learn in the privacy of your own home with the home videos Protect Yourself and Protect Yourself from Weapons!

Protect Yourself

Prepare your mind and body for the task of self defense. Combining ancient wisdom with modern know-how, Master Tsai teaches you how to avoid confrontation when possible and how to protect yourself when necessary.
Protect Yourself
Item 17030 $49.95

Protect Yourself from Weapons

It's estimated that one in every five Americans will be the victim of a violent crime. Learn how to put the odds in your favor with Protect Yourself from Weapons.
Protect Yourself from Weapons
Item 17035 $49.95

Rekindle Your Relationship

Light His/Her Fire Pic

Your fantasy relationship can become the one you are in right now! Author Ellen Kreidman can help you discover what she has already taught thousands of other men and women... that having a passionate, fun, exciting relationship is easier than you think. Make the most valuable relationship in your life the most rewarding, too.

Light His Fire
You can become the heroine in the romantic novel of your life together. By taking the time to better understand what his needs are, he'll do the same for you.
Item 17045 $69.95

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