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Self Improvement

Program Yourself For Success!

Now you can make your dreams a reality and become all you want to be. Target your inner self with Nutrition For Life's valuable resource programs.

Our self-improvement tools unlock the powers of the mind. You can commit to making a personal difference by equipping yourself to achieve your goals and attain the success you deserve.

Make The Grade!

5 Minutes A Day To Perfect Spelling

Perfect Spelling Pic

All poor spellers have one thing in common...they spell words the way they were taught to do it in school: they sound them out. It's a method that doesn't work! Just try spelling "phonics" phonetically! And you know how hard it is to look up a word if you can't spell it!

You can be a perfect speller - you can use the spellcheck in your head and spell words right every time! Imagine how much more confident you will feel writing memos, making presentations, writing letters!

Improve your grades or enhance your career. With 5 Minutes A Day To Perfect Spelling, you can use just the right word and spell it correctly, every time! Audiotape and workbook.

5 Minute A Day To Perfect Spelling
Item 17050 $59.95

The Student Success System

We all operate on the same time allotment each day - 24 hours - yet some people accomplish much more than others. Why? Because of how they choose to invest their time.

The Students Success System is designed to teach you powerful learning and study skills, help you develop a winning attitude and also illustrate the importance of goal setting. A special Success Planner is designed to totally replace your note-books and plug you into a daily success routine that will help make your school experience productive, fun, and easy. It allows you to be the winner you were born to be! Six audiotapes and Success Planner.

Student Success System Pic

The Student Success System
Item 17055 $99.95

The Callahan Techniques: Addiction Breaking System

For over 15 years, Clinical Psychologist Roger Callahan, PhD., has successfully treated patients for addictive behavior using his own "thought field therapy." This radical new outlook on addictive behavior does not use suggestion, hypnosis, or placebos, but gives you a simple 5-minute technique to put these behaviors behind you. Video.

The Callahan Techniques: Addiction Breaking System
Item 17025 $49.95

The Callahan Techniques: Phobias

Conquer your fears through "thought field therapy." Clinical Psychologist Roger Callahan, PhD. shows you the power of his amazing 5-minute technique to put your fears behind you. Video.

The Callahan Techniques: Addiction Breaking System
Item 17025 $49.95

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